Puppy Love

The pattern includes two quilt versions, with directions for hand and machine appliqué. Puppies' eyes are buttons. You may embroider dog names in tags hanging from each collar. An alphabet is included for names.

Price: $7.50

Pieced Pumpkins

An alternating quilt pattern appears in the sashing of quilt, between pumpkins. We used six orange fabrics for a scrappy look for the pumpkins. The tendrils are made using jute (a matching color of worsted yarn may be substituted for jute.). Make sure that jute is from a craft store, not hardware store as the kind from there is treated with chemicals and could damage fabrics in quilt. The tendrils are sewn down with a zig zag stitch. Directions for machine and hand appliqué are included.

Price: $7.50

Patchwork Plus Buttons

This pattern includes two quilts, a table runner, pincushion, and footstool with button fringe. Pull out your button box for these small projects. Directions are included for three simple crochet stitches used to make the button fringe. Any medium to small footstool may be covered with patchwork. You can find these in craft stores, antique malls or at garage sales. Directions are given for some basic upholstery techniques.

Price: $7.50

Fall Glory

This pattern includes two autumn inspired quilts that are the perfect size for a large wall hanging or to use as a seasonal throw on crisp cool evenings. Hand and machine applique directions are given for both quilts.
Finished quilt size: large quilt - Fall Glory 54 " X 67 1/2"
small quilt - Acorn Trail 48" X 59 1/2"

Price: $7.00

Patriotic Stars and Stripes

Show your patriotic spirit with one of these two quilts. Whether you take them outdoors for your 4th of July celebration or present them to a member of our armed forces, these classic quilts will become a seasonal favorite. Hand and machine applique directions included.
Finished quilt size: large quilt - 53 1/2 " X 70"
small quilt - 28 1/2" X 36"

Price: $7.00

Snowy Pines

Soft snow begins to fall on the classically styled pines of this quilt. Pine branches are made from folded strips of fabric sewn along the top folded edge. Branch fabric is frayed with a stiletto to fringe boughs. Simple machine pieced 9-patch blocks highlight the quilt center and corners. Snowflakes are embroidered using #5 ecru or cream Perle Cotton. Thorough instructions for Frayed Edge applique and hand and machine applique are included. Finished quilt measures 51" square.

Price: $7.50

Circle of Roses

A simple rose design draws your attention to the center of the Circle of Roses Quilt. Triangles in bold accent colors complement the applique area. Select three main fabric colors for the quilt. Hand and machine applique directions are incliuded in the General Directions. Finished quilt measures 60" square.

Price: $7.50

A Hug & A Kiss

Just as you write XOXOX's at the end of a letter, you may now give a loved one or friend this personal quilted message of caring - as a gift for a new baby, a college student, or a quilt for a special day.
Use your favorite color combinations for this quilt project. Both quilts shown are made using simple Frayed Edge techniques. You may also choose to use machine or traditional hand applique.
Large quilt is 59 1/2" X 76 1/2"; small quilt is 42 1/2" X 51"

Price: $7.00

Airy Abodes

This homey neighborhood for our feathered friends may be sewn with machine or traditional hand applique. Background fabric may be a bright soft green or sky blue.
Quilt size is 43 1/2" X 51"

Price: $7.00

Very Tame Bears

The bears are place in a simple but unique star setting within the blocks. Top and bottom borders echo the shallow sawtooth shape featured in the stars. Directions are given for hand and machine applique. Embroider your favorite child's name to personalize the quilt. Upper and lower case alphabets are included. Bears' features are embroidered using a backstitch and satin stitch. Finished size is 45" x 59".

Price: $7.00

Must Love Dogs

These loveable little dogs are surrounded with simple sashing strips and diamond patchwork corner blocks. Spots may very from dog to dog. Directions are given for hand or machine applique. Embroider your favorite child's name to personalize this quilt. Upper and lower case alphabets are included. Dogs' features are embroidered using backstitch and satin stitch. Finished quilt size is 47 1/2" x 58 1/2".

Price: $7.00

Hold Your Horses

The two horses are surrounded by stars and diagonal patchwork corners. Directions are given for hand or machine applique. Embroider your favorite child's name to personalize the quilt. Upper and lower case alphabets are included. Horses' features are embroidered using chain stitch, backstitch, and satin stitch. Finished size is 41 1/2" x 49 1/2".

Price: $7.00

Charming Cats

A pinwheel border surrounds two charming cats that will gladly curl up with a child for an afternoon nap. Directions are given for hand or machine applique. Embroider your favorite child's name to personalize the quilt. Upper and lower case alphabets are included. Cats' faces are embroidered using backstitch and satin stitch. Finished quilt size is 35" x 45".

Price: $7.00

Beekeeper's Garden

This charming quilt includes a central floral medallion, and end panels with beehives and flowers. Simple frayed edge cirlces are used for the rose flowers. YLI silk ribbon or bias fabric strips may be used for flower stems. You may choose to use silk ribbon for the bee wings and strips, or embroider these bee parts. Directions for hand and machine applique are included. Finished quilt size is 48" x 64".

Price: $7.00

Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbits encircle the quilt with their carrot lunch just in sight. Use hand or machine applique techniques for rabbits and carrots. Directions are also given for Foundation Paper Piecing techniques for the carrot border. Green 7mm YLI silk ribbon is used for the carrot tops. Rabbits have button eyes and embroidered noses and whiskers.

Price: $7.00

Layered Hearts

This pattern in cludes two quilts, with directions given for hand and machine applique. Two hearts are layered for each block. The quilts are perfect for using many of the beautiful large and medium sized floral fabrics currently on the market. Layer floral fabrics on top of color coordinated stripes, checks, or plaids. Finished quilt sizes are 41 3/4" x 47 3/4" and 48 3/4" x 58 3/4".

Price: $7.00

Corner Gardens

This four block quilt features four houses, placed in the wide central sashing. A patchwork diamond border compliments the interior design. Directions are given for hand and machine applique techniques. We used 24 combinations for the diamonds in the border, repeating each twice. If you use fewer combinations, adjust to make a total of 48 diamonds. Finished quilt size is 65" x 65"

Price: $7.00

Turtle Travels

Follow these delightful turtles as they travel around this unique wall quilt! Featuring turtle blocks made using paper foundation piecing for the turtle shells, this quilted wall hanging (37" x 47.25") is fat quarter friendly & fun to make. The turtle heads, legs & tails may be hand or machine appliqued & pattern includes directions for all the quilting techniques to create this unique quilt of Turtle Travels.

Price: $7.00

Patchwork Diamonds

Patchwork Diamonds uses a lovely mix of scrappy fabrics divided into two groups of light & dark to create the diamond variations featured in this beautiful floral quilt. We used one medium-sized floral fabric to help define the horizontal diamond bands with two floral applique areas to add interest between the diamond rows. Measuring 84" x 64.5", the floral applique accent rows in this patchwork quilt may be hand or machine appliqued.

Price: $7.00

Liberty For All

Featuring a bold eagle design, Liberty For All is a unique, patriotic quilt that may be machine appliqued quickly or hand-sewn by experienced quilters. Measuring 47.25" x 55.5", two contrasting fabrics are layered before sewing the eagle design with needle turn & reverse applique techniques. The quilt's design is drawn on the light top fabric, then basted & sewn.

Price: $7.00

Berry Basket

Featuring four Berry Basket blocks placed in a diagonal setting with small berry clusters at the corners of each block, this lovely quilt can be hand or machine appliqued. Measuring 75" square, we used fabrics of soft country pinks, rose, blue, tan & brown to complete our Berry Basket quilt.

Price: $7.00

Thankful Harvest

Quilt this bountiful cornucopia of fruit using either the frayed edge technique or traditional applique version. Measuring 32.75" x 39.75", this quilt has a berry vine border that frames the central motif of your fruitful harvest. Silk ribbon is used for the berry vines & fruit stems.

Price: $7.00

Pretty Squirrely

A familiar scene, this quilt pattern uses machine applique & frayed edge techniques to create this playful design of a squirrel on a tree branch. Measuring 33.75" x 45.25", this cute little fellow is surrounded by falling autumn leaves around the border. These frayed edge oak leaves are layered to create depth in the outer border. Homespun fabrics work well for frayed edge pieces.

Price: $7.00

Olde Floral Bouquet

A lovely bouquet of frayed edge flowers is placed in a graceful homespun plaid vase & surrounded by outer borders with swagged floral vines. Measuring 39.75" square, this quilt is great for classes teaching frayed edge techniques. We used several layers of fabric to give depth to the flowers & leaves. Stems are machine stitched with silk ribbon.

Price: $7.00

Alphabet Cats

Measuring 24.5" x 32.5", Alphabet Cats features a folkart cat with a primitive style alphabet appliqued around it & a sawtooth border that is foundation pieced. The second quilt design included in this pattern is for Here Kitty Kitty, which measures 68.75" square. This larger quilt features four cats in a center diamond placement with the applique title letters in the middle border & a foundation pieced sawtooth border. Corner areas are pieced in a triangle pattern & button eyes finish the cats.

Price: $7.00

Checkerboard Birds

The folkart birds quite naturally have checkerboard wings to complement the checkerboard sashing & borders of this quilt, measuring 50" x 47". Using paper foundation piecing, the finished bird blocks are 10" x 15". Sashing and border areas are formed with strip pieced sections. Button eyes finish the birds.

Price: $7.00

Willow Tree Hill

Two applique quilt variations, using the Willow Tree Hill blocks, are included in this pattern. Each row of the larger quilt (76" x 56") features houses & trees on gently rolling hills, with corner pinwheels and contrasting sashing. The smaller quilt (54.5" square) places four blocks around a center square with light & dark hill sections. Directions are provided for hand & machine applique.

Price: $7.00

Patriotic Rose

Traditionally pieced flags, placed on the diagonal, complement the large appliqued floral areas for this grand, patriotic quilt. Evenly set stars finish the narrow border and accent the rose design of the center block and side triangles. Directions are provided for hand and machine applique. Finished quilt measures 72 7/8" square.

Price: $7.00

Timeless Stars

Two quilts are included, both feature strip-pieced stars. Timeless Stars (82" sq.) is sewn with traditional techniques. The smaller quilt, Frayed Stars (74" sq.), uses Frayed Edge applique techniques. Either quilt may be planned with dark or light background with contrasting stars.

Price: $7.00

Circle of Friends

Choose four dominant colors for the houses, star blocks, and flowers, to create your own neighborhood of friends. Pattern includes directions for hand and machine applique for floral areas. Have your family & friends sight the signature star block centers to personalize your quilt. Finished Size 48 3/4" x 36 1/4"

Price: $7.00

Favorite Floral Hats

Another pattern to make your own with four hat styles, five flowers & two sizes to choose from. Our lovely variety of frayed edge & chenille style flowers include a Rose, a Daisy, a Sunflower, a Diamond Blossom and a Bell Flower, some sparsely frayed while others have a denser look. Features include a ball cap as well as large & small brimmed hats and we suggest the following fabrics for your Favorite Floral Hat: chintz style florals, small plaids, ticking stripes, denim & toile prints.

Price: $7.00

Turkey Time

These scrappy turkeys will delight you with their fanned homespun feathers. You can stitch them using the new frayed edge applique or with traditional applique methods & both quilts have paper pieced feather units. The larger quilt, Turkey Time, measures 53.5" x 47.5" and uses six different block backgrounds. Each turkey is made from 20 different homespun plaids, checks & stripes. Turkey Club is the smaller four block quilt framed by a simple border and it measures 36.5" x 33.5" when finished. Use silk ribbon or shoelaces for the turkey legs.

Price: $7.00

Frayed Flower Basket

This quilt pattern highlights the new technique of frayed edge applique (though you may choose to use traditional applique methods) for the baskets & flowers, which should be made from homespun checks, plaids & stripes because these fabrics fray easily. Measuring 48" x 69.5", Frayed Flower Basket will need 30 fat quarters for the backgrounds, which alternate light to dark across both quilts in small to medium print fabrics. Checkerboard Baskets, measuring 34.75" x 52.25", is also a wonderful opportunity to use your collection of fat quarters, homespun scraps & favorite fabrics.

Price: $7.00

Our Country Home

Measuring 42" x 46", you can choose from two different color schemes as well as two different house styles when planning this quilt. We have included complete directions for hand & machine applique techniques and you also choose which saying you want to stitch along the bottom border: "Home Sweet Home" or "Our Country Home". With all these choices you can truly make this quilt your own!

Price: $6.00

Good Dog

The three quilts included in this pattern are all paper foundation pieced. The two dog quilts have a quaint folkart appeal with their shaggy belly & muzzle fur. Good Dog measures 52.5" x 63.25" and features 15 scrappy dog blocks (8.75" x 11") with a sawtooth border in medium & dark fabrics on a light background. The smaller Fuzzy Mutt quilt has six scrappy dog blocks on a dark, contrasting background & measures 38" x 44.75". The Dog Bone Quilt is an album quilt, so gather all your favorite pets' names to embroidered on the dog bone blocks (6.5" square) for a unique remembrance of past & present furry friends.

Price: $6.00

Sawtooth Pines

We have included three scrappy pine tree quilt designs in this pattern. Measuring 56" x 69", the Traditional Pines quilt features a sawtooth border with a horizontal layout of the trees & hills while the Primitive Pines quilt has a vertical bar layout measuring 64" x 84". This variation also showcases the individual quilting border patterns in the dividing panels between the trees. Our third quilt design, Pine Forest, measures 28" x 48.5" and combines both tree styles while paper foundation piecing is used for the tree patterns & sawtooth border.

Price: $7.00

Sawtooth Cats

This wonderful scrappy quilt measures 64.5" x 80.5" and is comprised of 20 cat blocks. We used paper foundation piecing in a sawtooth pattern for the curved backs & tails of the cats as well as the borders. Ideas for quilt layout & color planning are included along with quilting template patterns & a marking template for the cats' embroidered faces. Perfect quilt for the cat lover in your life!

Price: $6.00

Starry Homestead

This quilt pattern is a perfect example of how color choices as well as slight variations in star placement & borders can give you two different looks for the same basic quilt. We used machine applique for the large quilt, which measures 54.75" x 64.25", and hand appliqued the smaller quilt, which measures 35.5" x 36.5". Some machine piecing is used for the house, hill & borders. Directions for all techniques used are included with quilt pattern.

Price: $6.00

Scrappy Cats

This Scrappy Cats pattern has two variations. Background for the cat blocks can be strip pieced in a random manner or paper foundation pieced using the paper background templates provided. The borders use the same paper foundation piecing method & the quaint appliqued cats have button eyes. Measuring 30" x 36", Scrappy Cats is shown hanging on the wall - the quilt with the button border. Homespun Scrappy Cats measures 32.25" x 38.25" and both quilts have a country look you will love to stitch!

Price: $6.00

Bee's Garden

We used paper foundation piecing for the individual bee blocks used in both quilts included with this pattern. Measuring 42" x 49", Bee's Garden includes a central beehive & floral grouping done in applique with a pieced outer border that displays a variety of floral fabrics, contrasted with a light solid fabric to give the whole quilt an airy appeal. The second quilt, Bees In Flight, measures 32.25" x 39.25" and has vertical rows of flying bees placed on a diagonal set. Smaller bees are simply stitched with silk ribbon. Both quilts are sure to please those who love these symbols of spring.

Price: $6.00

Acorn Harvest

This pattern offers three charming Fall quilts that work well with cotton, homespun or flannel fabrics. Though we used traditional piecing & applique, we have also provided directions for a quick method of machine applique for the busier stitchers. Measuring 35.5" square, the Acorn Pinwheel Quilt can easily be adapted to a four block quilt. Acorn Accents, the quilt with four acorn blocks, measures 60" square while Acorn Harvest, the quilt with the squirrel, measures 33.5" square.

Price: $6.00